E3 2015: Microsoft E3 Press Conference Impression

This morning at the Xbox E3 briefing, Microsoft in my finite opinion offered a safe yet solid showcase of impressive titles alongside a major wow factor with the HoloLens/Minecraft demontration, while announcing backward compatibility, giving Xbox One users the ability to enjoy their Xbox 360 on their Xbox One this holiday.

I’ve only been this excited about a game controller when I first played with the DS4 and now with fully interchangeable toggle and button parts, the newly announced Xbox One Elite controller looks fantastic. The Xbox E3 keynote packed numerous world gameplay debuts, premieres and trailers into an action-packed 90-minute spectacle for fans. In fact, despite not revealing new content for some of their expected heavy hitters, including Quantum Break, Crackdown 3 and Scalebound, Microsoft laid out a clear understanding of the Xbox One as a gaming first device. Though Microsoft may not have done enough to firmly encourage non-Xbox One users to go out and immediately buy an Xbox One, depending on who you ask there was no doubt the majority of the titles displayed were quite inspiring.

halo_5_box_art_smallAs expected Microsoft came out of the gate with their heavy hitter, Halo 5 Guardians which included an impressive 4-player co-op campaign mission as a team of Spartans lead by commander Locke search for the whereabouts of Master Chief. Eventually the reveal showcased the all-new massive scale multiplayer mode, Warzone, where up to 24 players battle with friendly and enemy AI characters joining in the fight.

The all-new Ford GT supercar, debuting exclusively in Forza Motorsport 6, made a dramatic entrance by descending from the rafters into the Galen arena with an appearance by Henry Ford III and the world gameplay premiere of the title.

One of the coolest fresh new exclusive IP’s on display from the legendary Japanese game designer Keiji Inafune, Mark Pacini and the teams at Comcept and Armature Studio (creators of the “Metroid Prime” franchise), debuted ReCore.

No offense to the wonderful creators over at EA, however Electronic Arts’ EA Access Peter Moore rendition was probably the worst part of the presser or should I say the most uninspiring as the audience simply went on a brain trip elsewhere. Upon the announcement that the EA Access Vault now includes Titanfall, you would have thought Peter Moore was practicing his lines to an empty crowd. Though the odd silence of “what do I do now” hushed over the audience as Peter Moore waited for a crowd response to the announcement, like the professional he is, he moved on finishing his EA Access update – Very awkward@!#$%

XboxOne_ControllerYet, after seeing the new Gears of War 4 in action, Dark Souls III, the amazing reveal of Rise of the Tomb Raider (my personal favorite showing from the Microsoft presser), Gigantic, Fable Legends now a free-to-play title, new footage from both Rainbow Six Siege and Tom Clancy’s The Division, ASHEN, Fallout 4 with free new PC mods coming to the Xbox One version and the reveal of Sea of Thieves, we were all smiles for the majority of the ride.

Microsoft also announced a great new Steam like ‘Early Access’ feature called Game Preview on Xbox One, allowing users to purchase work-in-progress digital titles and participate in the development process by giving feedback to developers as they continue to update their games. Game Preview is coming to Xbox One as a pilot program starting this week.

Though the biggest applause came when Microsoft announced backward compatibility, it also seems clear Microsoft plans on spreading their software wealth of upcoming new titles for future reveal events, here’s looking at Gamescom. Walking away there is indeed much to be excited about and definitely a sure reason to get off the fence buy an Xbox One.

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