E3 2015: Watch The 10 Minute E3 Gameplay Walkthrough For Tom Clancy’s The Division

Ubisoft has demonstrated a full-length 10 minute gameplay session of Tom Clancy’s The Division. Showcasing the games latest updates and feature from last we saw the game in action, the feel and pacing of the experience hasn’t changed much. The demo again revealed a three man team – which initially enters a contaminated zone called the ‘Dark Zone’ forcing them to wear masks upon engaging a small group of nearby enemies. Now players can see their teammates through objects, healing grenades can be tossed near your teammates for health increase purposes and players also have the ability of releasing a pulse sensor when enemies are near which calibrate what level and types of enemies they will be facing before going guns blazing.

Taking cover still appears to be all-important when the bullets start to fly. The cover system is quite responsive for players to enter in and out of. The demo was played on the Xbox One for those of you curious about the platform of choice chosen by Ubisoft for E3.  The demo introduced an enemy group called the Cleaners whose sole mission is to wipe clean, by fire, anyone or anything, dead or alive. They described as a stronger group of enemies, in fact the demo narrator described these particular cleaners as an Elite group who are more difficult to take down, but in doing so offers much better loot. Teamwork is certainly at the core of the experience. With stronger enemy groups intelligently utilizing the battleground to outmaneuver your team, it is important to know where your mates are at all times.

During the demo the group randomly came across other players who were non-threatening which gave the impression that running into other players on the map will be a commonplace. Unfortunately there was no demonstration of the use of proximity chat. However, the gameplay seems extremely organic as the group went from one lethal engagement against intelligent AI enemies, right into another shootout offering some PvP action. Once players are engaged from other players, a temporary bounty is placed on the instigators, defining them as rogue agent.

If there was one small gripe that partially stood out, our demo’s visual fidelity while overall was more than impressive, it didn’t quite have the same level of shine as the game once had. Maybe its just me, however I did notice a difference. More importantly, the gameplay is where the meat of the experience is found and walking away from this demonstration we’re sure countless hours will be spent taking down rogue agents and extracting loot racing to reach those higher level upgrades when the finally launches in 2016.

Enjoy the demo!

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