Guerrilla Games Thanks Their Fans After A Great E3 Showing

After blowing us way at E3 with their awe-inspiring reveal of Horizon: Zero Dawn and RIGS, Guerrilla Games (the creators of Killzone) have released a special thank you video to all their fans. If you were living under a rock during all of our exciting E3 coverage and you missed out on seeing Horizon: Zero Dawn, go here now!

Considered by many gaming media outlets, including yours truly as the best new IP and Game of Show, Horizon: Zero Dawn certainly has the makings of an epic new franchise and we can’t wait to see more on the new title. Guerrilla also revealed RIGS, a Morpheus-based VR dedicated shooting experience that places you right in the action of a powerful and agile combat mechs. A truly impressive VR sim we can’t to get our hands on once Sony launches their Morpheus head gear.

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