Sniper Ghost Warrior 3: Watch The 24 Minute Gameplay Walkthrough, Played On Xbox One

Previously available only for the press and members of the industry, the first-ever Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 presentation has been made public below. The demo is played on the Xbox One and Narrated by Jess Lebow, a Lead Narrative Designer at CI Games, it provides an extended look into the next big step for the Warsaw, Poland-based studio.

Strengthened by the enthusiastic reception of the demo at E3 2015, CI Games is now getting ready for this year’s Gamescom, the biggest and the most important games convention in Europe. The studio will be presenting a completely new hands-off demo of Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 in a private meeting room, as well as providing the previous hands-on demo to the public for the first time ever.

The Sniper Ghost Warrior franchise is CI Games’ most popular, having sold more than 5.5 million titles to date. The third entry into the series will be its first full-fledged triple-A title, featuring open-ended wartime environments and a non-linear narrative to give snipers the freedom and choice necessary to execute those advanced missions.

Enjoy the walkthrough:

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