Overlord: Fellowship of Evil Public Information Film Teaches Prospective Netherghuls Lesson Minion Mastery

The Codemasters development minions today unveiled a new video for Overlord: Fellowship of Evil, their digital only, angelically-priced, devilishly fun Action RPG which is coming to PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC soon.

In the first of a series of training videos from The Minionstry of Information entitled ‘So You Think You’re Evil?’ prospective Netherghūls are taught the value of their minion horde. Whether causing carnage, grabbing loot, bothering sheep or generally smashing up the place, any self-respecting doer of dastardly deeds wouldn’t be seen undead without their faithful companions by their side.

“Brown minions, blues, reds and greens, they are what stands between you and the enemy” said Gnarl, evil Minion Master. “Treat your minions well, provide them with carnage to cause, and loot to carry. And of course, sheepies. SHEEPIES!”

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