God of War III Remastered Review: A Worthy Addition To Your PS4 Library

All hail the new God of the world or so you would think in light of the conclusion of God of War III, as the vengeance of Kratos becomes absolute. As if to remind fans of the true purpose of Kratos, in the end, the substance that drove our Spartan general to complete his task at all cost, becomes the very thing which he gives back to the chaotic existence of the world through his actions. What is that substance we speak of?

Well, for you true God of War fans, you should know of the thing in which we speak. As for you who have never enjoyed the punishing labor of Kratos and his tumultuous journey to topple Mount Olympus, if you currently own a PS4, now is certainly time to invest in the God of War III Remaster.

You will not be disappointed.

Beginning on the heels of God of War II, God of War III wastes no time throwing you into the intense overly impressive fray, as Kratos has aligned forces with Gaia and a team of Titans who are hell bent on crushing the house that Zeus has built, Mount Olympus and the gods with it. The gameplay experience of God of War III hasn’t changed too much from the original version on the PS3, in fact, not at all. However, that isn’t a bad thing. The game played brilliantly back in 2010 and convincingly today portrays a well executed approach that still impresses.

Pointing out the obvious, God of War III Remastered has been given a pretty face-lift. If you thought the game looked spectacular in 2010 which this writer would certainly agree with, the PS4 remastered version is pure eye-candy. The most resonating examples are found in the games lighting and surface texturing which truly stands out. Playing this remastered version next to the PS3 version and you immediately see the difference. Again, the lighting of surfaces and the smoothness of the textures radiates the screen as Kratos unleashes devastating melee attacks on enemies. Even the blood and gore has been exaggerated, popping out at you with bold visceral detail.

As one of the most celebrated PS3 releases, God of War III Remastered on PS4 is great time revisiting the last exploits of Kratos according to the timeline of the series.

Adding to the experience, at the conclusion of completing the remaster on any difficulty level, players are introduced to new videos, the making of, etc, including stylish new costumes to spice up a return at another run through, as well as other cool additions.

Addressing the price point, for newcomers of the series, embracing God of War III as your entry to such a spectacular series is both exciting and part blasphemy and completely worth the price of admission. However, it would be understood if there are fans who have played God of War III multiple times and scratching their heads at the asking price of $40 for a game that is practically the same game from five years ago, just prettier.

A remaster of lets say God of War Ascension and God of War III for $40 does makes better sense, as this offers newcomers a prefaced experienced to God of War I and the conclusion to the series so far, in addition to giving fans more bang for their hard earned bucks.

Call me a Kratos fanboy if you like, I’m ok with that. Walking away from this remaster and not only am I excited about revisiting another playthrough with a new costume on a harder difficulty level, the imagination continues to run wild with speculation of the whereabouts of Kratos and the ambitious direction Sony Santa Monica plans to take the series.

On it own merits God of War III Remastered is great time on your PS4. Kratos does what he does best and this time it looks vastly better than ever. I can’t emphasis enough the conclusive battle with Zeus, forcing players to bring their ‘A’ game, as Kratos wields all of his weapons of war acquired from all the gods he has destroyed.

God of War III Remastered is a most worthy addition to your PS4 library.


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