Hi-Rez Studios Announced New Title, Paladins Coming To PS4, Xbox One and PC

cassie_promorender_v01Hi-Rez Studios, developers of MOBA SMITE, today revealed Paladins, as their new free-to-play currently in development for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Paladins combines a rich fantasy universe and the dynamic action of a shooter in first person in team. In addition to experience a traditional shooter, Paladins allows players to develop complex strategies and advance their character during the game through card decks. They will be able to collect and use them to improve their skills.

Paladins will be playable at Gamescom this week. Those unable to attend can still register for the next phase of closed beta on the official website.

In Paladins different size teams compete on open maps and a wide variety of competitive modes. Each fighter enters the battlefield with a basic weapon, movement and combat skills as well as personal mount to move quickly. Players begin each battle with a customizable deck of cards that can be improved over the party and granting them various bonuses offensive, defensive or utilitarian.

We plan t have more on Paladins soon.


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