Dying Light Developer Tools Updated with New ‘Beyond Dying Light’ Contest

Following the great popularity of Dying Light Developer Tools for Steam Workshops, Techland have recently expanded the tools with new features including terrain creation & editing and the support for custom model import. To celebrate these new creative opportunities, Techland and Alienware announced today the second edition of the ‘Beyond Dying Light’ contest. Anyone can compete by creating a custom map using Dying Light Developers Tools (available for free on Steam) and submitting it at the official contest website. This time the grand prize is an Alienware Alpha i7 and a branded backpack filled with DL gadgets.

The contest is held in collaboration with Gamebanana.com and Gamedevcontests.com.

The contest runs from August 3rd to August 31st and aims to select the most innovate, well-made, and awesome maps. Thanks to the recent massive update that added the ability to import custom objects into the game, the participants can now let their imagination run wilder than ever before.

The complete ‘Dying Light Developer Tools Guide’ playlist can be found on the game’s official YouTube channel here

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