Clash of Lords 2: New Update On The Way With Host of Special Features Joining The Party

Everybody get ready for Djinni, the latest Hero to join the CoL2 family. Djinni is not your average Hero, this sneaky Assassin was designed by the winner of the ‘Design a Hero’ competition. The cool thing is IGG is giving away Djinni to all our players for free. So no hiring or purchasing events needed, simply log into the game and play. 

Another key feature of this update is the new ‘Salvage’ function. The Salvage function allows you to break down any Epic Hero in return for some Magic Powder. This Magic Powder can be used in exchange for other items such as Rings and Mutagen.

For those of you who are running CoL2 on an older phone and experiencing some lag, worry no more because after the release of this next update, you will be able to switch between High and Low resolution allowing everyone to have a smooth Clashing experience. The game will run faster and smoother on low resolution, but some animations may not play.

You can experience all these awesome features, plus a whole load more by updating your Clash of Lords 2 game on Thursday August 20th. 


Clash of Lords 2 is a mobile strategy game set in a fantasy world where players build defenses, hire and train heroes, and face off against both dire challenges and each other for supremacy. The update will be available on Android shortly, then iOS, Windows and Amazon soon after.

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