Destiny: First Ever PvP Exhibition Takes Place Live on August 22

Live from the Red Bull eSports Studio, Mike “Flamesword” Chaves will compete in the first PvP exhibition showcasing “Rift”, one of the new Crucible modes within Destiny: The Taken King. Flamesword will be joined by top Destiny community players and the event will be hosted by Bungie’s DeeJ and Lars Bakken.

The Destiny Red Bull Quest is an in-game experience created in collaboration with Activision, Bungie and Red Bull for their partnership. In preparation for the September 15th launch of Destiny: The Taken King and the Red Bull Quest, a limited edition Red Bull can featuring Destiny and eSports athlete Flamesword offers players “Focused Light”, a one-time consumable Bonus XP buff increasing experience gained for 30 minutes.

Bungie’s Community Manager, David “DeeJ” Dague, Crucible Design Lead, Lars Bakken will host the livestream. The first eSports athlete to be featured on a Red Bull can and an avid Destiny player, Mike “Flamesword” Chaves will compete alongside competitors of the Destiny Community including Holtzmann, nKuch,Datto, Mtashed, KJHovey, and Flamesword’s guests Clout, FizZoR and tripleWRECK

The livestream countdown will begin on Saturday, August 22 at 10:00 am PT / 1:00 pm ET on the Red Bull eSports Channel on Twitch.

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