Syndrome: The New Survival Horror Takes Inspiration From Dead Space and Resident Evil

The talented development studio Camel 101 has introduced their upcoming new first-person survival horror Syndrome, formerly known as Sleepers, players wake up on a spaceship, dazed and confused from the effects of cryosleep, and begin to search for the rest of the crew. Where could they have gone? All too suddenly, you discover that most of them are dead, and those still alive are… changed.

Camel 101 explains that in the dark confines of the ship, defending yourself is difficult and not always possible. There are a few weapons scattered about, but nowhere near enough ammunition to deal with all the transformed monstrosities.

In order to survive and uncover the events that took place while you were asleep, you can’t always face your enemies head on; sometimes hiding and breathing as noiselessly as possible is your best course of action.

Careful resource management is a key part of Syndrome, but so is learning your enemies’ behavior. What will attract their attention? What will give you a few precious seconds to pass by undetected?

Drawing inspiration from several cult classics like System Shock, Dead Space, Resident Evil and the Aliens universe, Camel 101 aims at creating an intense experience that will keep the player on edge throughout the whole game and we certainly can’t wait to get our first hands-on.

Syndrome is slated for a 2016 launch, however we’ll have more on the launch and gameplay details soon.

Be sure to check out the new Syndrome announcement trailer below.

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