Sony Gives Developers More PS4 Power with Access To 7th CPU Core

In an effort to stay ahead of the competition, PS4 engineers place more power in the hands of developers.

With no announcements to celebrate their flagships increased processing power, Sony has expanded their software development kits, now giving developers entry to the untapped CPU core of the PS4.

“Core 6 is now denoted as shared, and for new captures, Razor splits the activity on that core between user and system,” reads the Sony update. “Old captures still show core 6 as a system core, as was accurate at the time they were made.”

According to a development source, VG247 was updated that previous cores used by the PS4 were listed as 0-5. Now with an additional cores in use, the Jaguar based architecture from AMD for the PS4 has an untapped remaining core.  The PS4 has a total of eight cores.

For developers this certainly means more development access for future PS4 titles. How much of this will translate into better, more breathtaking visuals and realism is all up to the creative and hardworking developers who continue to push the boundaries.

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