GameChanger Announces Their 2nd Annual ‘Mining For Change’ With The Help of Minecraft

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The game is Minecraft and the elusive opponent is none other than cancer. Your mission is to watch 18 top streaming celebrities play in a Minecraft UHC (Ultra-Hard Core) team competition during the 2nd annual Mining for Change event on Saturday December 5th at 1 PM PT and help GameChangers create a world without cancer & other life-threatening illnesses.

Who is GameChanger you ask? GameChanger Charity’s mission is to positively impact the lives of children & families suffering from life-threatening illnesses through video games, compassion and innovation. So, how does this event work? There will be 6 teams playing Minecraft in Ultra-Hard Core “UHC” game mode. Each of the 6 teams will include 3 Minecrafters and 1 “Youth Ambassador”, a child who has faced life-threatening illness. Similar to Hunger Games, the teams/players will engage in friendly combat while they battle for resources & protect their Youth Ambassadors. Donors will be able to influence gameplay by giving in-game items to their favorite Minecrafters to help them win. This should be alot of fun!

OMGChad will be host the main stream on GameChanger Charity’s Twitch channel (/gamechangercharity), and all 18 Minecrafters will also be streaming on their channels. While the inaugural event was a huge success, GameChanger is hoping that this one is even bigger. Bigger prizes. Bigger fans. Bigger celebrity Minecrafters. Bigger media broadcasters. Bigger impact.

GameChanger by the numbers:

  • Benefited over 20,000 patients, family members, and caregivers
  • Donated over 17,000 video games to sick kids and their support systems
  • Processed hundreds of tons of donated goods
  • Ensured over 90% of funds raised goes to the cause

For more information & donations go to

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