Project Genom: New Sci-Fi MMORPG Gains Early Access on Steam Q1 2016 – Watch The Short New Teaser, But Don’t Blink

Developer Neuronhaze Studio has just announced that Project Genom, the sci-fi MMORPG will be released in Early Access in Steam Q1 2016.

In Project Genom, you take on the role of a survivor of Earth’s terrible egological catastrophe and embark on a journey to discover new planets, encounter alien wildlife and numerous enemies. On this mission, players will be free to choose their next course of action. For example, will they help a besieged outpost or themselves? Every choice you make will influence the storyline and some of the actions can significantly alter the world of Genom itself. To combat enemies, players will have access to a vast arsenal of weapons and equipment, and in order to travel between planets you will have to build an entire spaceship.

Project Genom is developed by a team of enthusiasts with the goal of creating an ideal MMO experience for all fans of the sci-fi genre around the world. Project Genom passed Steam Greenlight in only 6 days, with 87% of 15,000 people casting their vote in support of the game.

Features Include:

  • Non-target combat system – you aim and you shoot. Skill over boring mashing of the same abilities.
  • Special equipment – get into exoskeletons and mechs, wield a huge mechanical sword or even mutate your character with the DNA extracted from alien wildlife.
  • Spaceship and interplanetary travel – the worlds of Mass Effect, Destiny and DeadSpace have greatly influenced and inspired our game’s features. Build an entire spaceship of your own, hire a crew and begin to explore uncharted parts of space at your own peril or use it as air support in particularly challenging battles.
  • Boost skills through their use – the more you use an ability or a weapon, the higher the level of skill associated with it rises, similarly to the Elder Scrolls series and the old Ultima games.
  • Dynamic world – insectoid creatures grow and spread their nests in real time, effectively altering the world if you don’t deal with them quickly enough.
  • Modes of transport – if you manage to get your hands on one, you can ride quad bikes, gliders, buggies or other mounts to move around planets and get things done.
  • Crafting – a rich crafting system that doesn’t become useless once you reach the end game content. Create weapons and trinkets, engineer mounts and exoskeletons using whatever alloys you desire. With the same blueprint you can build a gun from gold or from wolfram, from steel or titanium. Some materials just look fancy, others have real practical value.
  • Resource procurement – install drilling towers and mining facilities to extract the very essence of alien planets – their previously undiscovered substances and materials. Use them for various activities in the game, be it crafting, summoning bosses, enhancing items or developing trade terminals.
  • PvP arenas – arenas will give players a chance to find out who is the strongest.
  • Personal cabin – players will have a chance to buy and work on their own private space.

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