Over 100 Games Currently In Development For PlayStation VR, According To Sony

Scott PSVRWith the $600 Oculus Rift pre-orders selling like hotcakes for the impending March/April launch, Sony has recently taken to the press to keep the PlayStation Nation informed of the beefy software initiative for PlayStation VR.

During this weeks CES 2016, Sony head Kaz Hirai expressed that some 200 developers have aligned their creative efforts with the PlayStation VR program.

We are working on over 100 titles that will play on PlayStation VR,” he said. “This is a testament to the kind of support we are getting from the content creation community. So we have a lot of support and I think it will be great product when it comes out later this year.”

Holiday 2015 as we were informed, we reported that Sony was full steam ahead with a little over 50 titles  in the works for Playstation VR, with games like Adrift, Dead Secret, DriveClub, The Deep, Get Even, Gran Turismo Sport, RIGS: Mechanized Combat League as well as The London Heist (high on our most anticipated VR list), TEKKEN 7 and Robinson: The Journey.

By the time PSVR takes flight later this year, we wouldn’t be surprised if the PSVR games list has increased considerably.

At the moment Sony has yet to announce a concrete release date or official price point PSVR.

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