Hideo Kojima’s Favorite Movies of 2015, Updated On Kojima Productions New YouTube Channel

Hideo Kojima fans will be happy to learn that the genius developer has his very own YouTube channel with the promise of regular updates.

Now that the Metal Gear Solid creator has become an independent developer, he now becomes the sole master of his ambitious endeavors and must take to social media where his fans can fully embrace his creativity and overall fun personality.

The new YouTube channel under the name Kojima Productions will be used for the team to insight their fans with all their game announcements and so on. In fact, the latest video on showcase has Hideo hanging out with colleague Kenji Yano as they discuss their favorite movies of 2015. True Kojima fans should be well aware of his passion for cinema as he often talks about movie influences and their inspirations for his projects.

Check out the latest video on what is being tagged as HideoTube, and be sure to subscribe.

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