Nioh: New 5 Minute Gameplay Walkthrough Footage Revealed

One of the hottest games announced for the PS4 last year was Nioh, the Onimusha-like samurai RPG-action title arriving later this year. Those in attendance at the Tokyo Game Show were given a private demonstration of the game, which unfortunately was not playable to the public. However, now Koei Tecmo has released the TGS footage for your viewing pleasure.

Initially Nioh was in development for the PS3, but since the game was hit with many delays, the PS4 has now become the games lead and exclusive hardware of choice. We are told that the video footage below reflects the same alpha stage footage from TGS, which can be a bit buggy and not altogether as smooth and vibrant as the final version.

From the all indications of the video, the game is certainly coming along quite well.

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