DOOM Multiplayer Closed Beta Impression – Pure Adrenaline Rush

Back from hell after spending loads of hours reaping havoc in the latest DOOM multiplayer closed beta and I can’t wait to play the full version of the game. Let me be brutally honest here, prior to playing the DOOM closed multiplayer beta, though I am excited for the game, my elation for DOOM has been founded on basking in the joys of the visceral campaign, only…until I played this recent multiplayer beta. I probably need to apologize to id Software for my predetermined low expectations which were founded on assuming that a multiplayer arena shooter in todays market couldn’t be really great. And so I have been cured of my ignorance in one long evening of pure carnage.

DOOM feels great, not yet completely perfect, but already fun with loads of exciting moments. The DOOM multiplayer closed beta offers just the right amount of features via loadouts, weapon and character customizations and hack modules, along with profile statistics, medals and commendations, adding to ones much needed boost of confidence. The beta offers two maps, Heatwave and Infernal, and two modes, Team Deathmatch and Warpath, along with some never-before-seen weapons, armor sets and taunts.

The games movement which was my biggest concern feels just right, handsomely complimenting the gameplays inherent nature. While the movement is a salute to classic arena shooters, the pacing here isn’t as frantic as you might think. Whether tearing my opponents apart from close range with the reliable Super Shotgun or gunning down enemy players from a distance with the Heavy Assault Rifle, I never felt like couldn’t get a beat on the enemy. It has been quite sometime since I played a fast-paced arena shooter, however I quickly felt right at home with DOOM, despite the brief learning curve.

The learning curve here is all about knowing which weapons and loadouts are best suited to your play style and how to wield your tools of destructions interchangeably for the right situations. DOOM’s multiplayer is all about overwhelming the opposition in numbers, you will learn this the hard way if you choose to go rouge all too often. Taking out an enemy does feel exhilarating, as often defeated enemy players are torn to pieces once eliminated. This might be due to my bloodlust behavior when wielding the super shotgun, which is a break-action double barrel shotty the fires a wide spread of buckshot. Rocket launchers will also make a punishing mess if used properly, however be careful and keep your cool when in close quarters trying to the take out an enemy, as you can ruin your own plans with a suicide shot.

The beta showcases a solid list of weapons; from the already mentioned rocket launcher and super shotgun, to the static rifle, lighting gun, vortex rifle, heavy assault rifle and plasma rifle. Throw in the frag grenade, personal teleporter and the useful siphon grenade and you should have no problem fastening the perfect loadout.

The maps in the multiplayer beta are functional with their own set of pitfalls as you’re becoming familiar with the surroundings. Missing your handle of a ledge after a unsuccessful double-jump over a pit of lava is frowned upon. The maps are not aesthetically amazing, but they are intelligently constructed and balanced well. Though death can come swiftly and from various angles, you shouldn’t get too frustrated being shot in the back. In DOOM I quickly learned that the keys to victory are founded on having the right loadout, always rolling with a teammate or two as often as possible and staying on the moving even when you’ve performed an exciting brutal melee.

Super Shotgun Image

Upon performing my first animated melee I must admit that a weird sound was projected from my mouth in complete excitement. That was actually the moment when the games May 12, 2016 launch date became an important red circle on my hanging calendar.  Even when I was the unfortunate victim of a brutal melee I was all smiles…sometimes, I hate being owned!

Yet, I cannot forget to mention the importance of demon rune, which once acquired by either team has the over-the-top potential of changing the tide of the battle.

The DOOM multiplayer beta does feels unique despite the red vs blue Halo vibe going on. In some ways it plays like Halo 5 with a steroid boost of speed with much more brutal melee and punitive results behind each trigger pull. Even the Marine character armor, which is customizable seems to be a Spartan knockoff, just not as attractive.

So far the DOOM multiplayer closed beta is tons of fun. Sure I may not be a fan of the character armor, that is the least of my concerns. At the moment the DOOM multiplayer is explosive and a pure adrenaline rush!

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