Alienation Launches Tomorrow 4/26 Exclusively For PS4

Fans of Resogun and Dead Nation will more than likely find themselves having a blast with the upcoming cooperative-based top-down shooter Alienation, which arrives tomorrow exclusively for PS4.

After our brief hands-on developer Housemarque seems to be swinging for the fence with Alienation as their biggest game to date. While Alienation plays similar to the likes of Helldivers and Dead Nation, with a mixture of Resoguns lighting effects and bombastic explosions, there is actually so much more going here. Fans of Dead Nation will find here the same ruthless gunfights and overwhelming tide of enemies they loved to hate in the zombie title, with serious boost. There is no place to hide or escape, only skill and on the fly planning will move you ahead.

So far the game offers solo and drop-in/drop out 4 player cooperative online play and PvP. There are three classes, each with individual attacks and abilities – the Tank, the Bio-Specialist and the Saboteur. The loot system is supported by killing enemies for drops, finding upgrades for those important and much needed cool weapons and gears for a custom play style. With a full campaign, challenges and procedurally generated levels, Alienation is showcased on fluid tech, crazy explosions and the biggest, most colorful game world Housemarque has ever pulled off.

Housemaque is also hammering away at bringing local co-op to the mix with other post-launch content.

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