New Preview Trailer Revealed For Shadow Fight 3, Coming To Xbox One In 2017

An all-new preview trailer for Shadow Fight 3 has hit the scene. The new trailer shows how the title is being transformed from a flat, two-dimensional experience to a high-definition 3D fighting game with almost movie-like quality. Nekki is expecting fans of the franchise to recognize the thrilling action and natural movements of the fighters, while enjoying new features like dynamic quests, deep character customization and a thrilling new storyline.

The game is scheduled for release in the autumn of 2016 on Windows 10, iOS and Android devices followed by Xbox One in 2017.

More than two years in development and requiring over 80,000 man-hours of work, Shadow Fight 3 will remain faithful to the franchise’s original inspirations, even including a so-called Shadow Form during fights, which turns fighters into almost completely black shadows, while leveraging the latest hardware that has become the new standard of quality for the mobile market.

The game features high-res 3D character and environment art, as rendered by the studio’s proprietary animation engine, “Cascadeur”; the same technology responsible for the distinctly life-like animations found in many of the studio’s previous titles, including Vector and Vector 2.

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