The Surge: Screenshots Revealed of The New Sci-fi Action RPG

The Surge, which is a new sci-fi action RPG from developer Deck 13, has just been revealed with more to follow coming next month at E3 2016.

The Surge is set in the near-future where you play as a CREO factory employee named Warren, equipped with a highly advanced mechanical exoskeleton designed to assist in heavy industrial labor. As the story goes, you start your journey as a new CREO applicant, in a massive international company dedicated to repairing the atmosphere and addressing climate control. Soon, danger rears its ugly head, and you will have to upgrade your exoskeleton to fight and survive.

The Surge’s combat system is fast-paced, tactical, and brutal, with an innovative limb targeting system enabling you to attack and cut off specific limbs, farming materials to craft upgrades for your exo-suit. Some enemies will have less armour on their legs or their arms, making for an easy kill, but poor loot! You have to decide if you want to go for the easy kill, or instead opt for modules and crafting materials that will give you a combative edge.

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the surge # Image

The screenshots revealed today show off some of the security forces you’ll be facing in your adventure. They use the same exo-suit technology as you but have tools built for combat, making them incredibly deadly foes. In The Surge, you will not just be facing opponents your own size; towering mechanical enemies armed to the teeth are also ready to face-off against you.

The Surge releases in 2017 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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