Defend Against the Cyborg Apocalypse in ‘Hard Reset Redux’, Now Available On PS4, PC and Xbox One

Flying Wild Hog’s brutal cyberpunk FPS classic returns as Hard Reset Redux launches today globally on PS4, PC and Xbox One in North America. It will be available on PS4 in all European territories on June 8th.

Owners of the original Hard Reset on Steam will receive an 85% discount when purchasing Hard Reset Redux with the same account. This discount is already available and will not expire, but will be incompatible with other Hard Reset Redux promotions. What’s more, this special offer is also available to players who purchased Shadow Warrior (2013).

Hard Reset Redux comes loaded with enhanced visuals, new enemies, improvements to balance and performance, as well as an outrageously fun new weapon: the Cyber-Katana. Get up close and personal with the mechanical menaces of the future and tear through them in style. Brutal, electrifying style!

We can already hear players begging to decimate more baddies with the Cyber-Katana, which is why everyone who purchases Hard Reset Redux on Steam will also obtain the Cyber-Katana in Shadow Warrior 2 when it releases. Because sometimes you just have to switch up the shooting with some slicing.

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