Paragon Receiving Free Open Beta and a New Duelist Hero Named Khaimera

Epic Games has made it known that their forthcoming MOBA, Paragon will be moving into Free Open Beta on August 16, allowing even more PC and PS4 users to join the battle for lane supremacy.

Ahead of this, on July 21, existing Early Access players will get a brand new Hero, Khaimera. This melee fighter is Paragon’s first duelist who specializes in disrupting team fights with close-up encounters. His Pounce leaps to a target enemy Hero, briefly stunning that Hero and dealing Physical Damage around him. While engaged in fights, Khaimera’s Spirit Regeneration stacks more health regen with each basic attack. His Ultimate, Cull, deals a large amount of damage, both rooting and isolating a target from allies. See him in action below.

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