E3 2016: Microsoft Unveils The ‘Xbox One S’ with A Sleek New Look, 4K UHD Support and More

During Microsoft’s Press Conference today, the Windows creators officially announced and confirmed recent rumors of their Xbox One slim or Xbox One S, as it is officially called. The new hardware will come available worldwide this August with a base price of $299 for the 500 GB HDD model. The $349 model comes packed with a 1TB HDD, while the $399 model packs a whopping 2TB HDD.

Looking at the comparative differences of the Xbox One S from the standard Xbox One model, you of course see that the S model is more visibly streamlined with a sleeker aesthetic. In fact, the S model is 40 percent smaller the standard model, with the impressive addition of 4K Ultra HD and HDR support. The S model also offers a slightly redesigned wireless controller with Bluetooth support. This new wireless controller can also be utilized with Bluetooth-enabled Windows 10 PCs and tablets with no additional hardware needed.

new xbox one image

One of the cool new bonuses of the new S model is that Microsoft has decided to place the power supply within the system, thank God. So, no more having to worry about lugging that massive power brick around, saving you more space around your TV or monitor.

As a heads up, while the Xbox One S offers 4K Ultra HD and HDR support, please don’t jump into the fray expecting it to outperform the standard Xbox One in terms of sheer gameplay enhancements. The S Model is no different when it comes to the CPU, GPU and RAM of the standard Xbox One, which is currently priced at $299.

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