Bandai Namco Brings Attractio Now Available For PS Vita

Game Coder Studios has became the first LATAM studio who achieved a partnership with Bandai Namco for the publishing of Attractio, which is now available for the PS Vita in the US.

Attractio is also available for Steam (win/lin/mac. Supporting 8 languages) and PS4 in the US, Europe, South Africa and Oceania.

With over 30 levels, Attractio is compatible with PlayStation TV with each level and puzzle solvable in multiple ways. Some puzzles can be solved by just one contestant, but may require you to switch between contestants. Attractio offers 2 unique game modes: Time Attack (with leaderboards) and Campaign. With 3 playable characters storylines and advanced custom physics, Attractio packs a unique experience now for the PS Vita.

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