Raiders of the Broken Planet Receives “Hands-on” Reveal Showcased at GameLab 2016 – Sign Up For Closed Beta

MercurySteam has once again revealed their ambitious new sci-fi adventure game, Raiders of the Broken Planet shown at GameLab Conference 2016.

After a brief glimpse at Microsoft’s E3 presentation last month, MercurySteam demonstrated via a live “hands on” presentation, some of the key gameplay features.  Focusing on five key pillars, Enric Alvarez studio head of MercurySteam showcased the game live to a large and captive audience. Alvarez explained the key concepts and game play features of the game. At the forefront was the adventure aspect and the story driven narrative focus of the team to deliver a unique cinematic universe which is one of the studio’s hallmarks. The rebellious nature of the protagonists in the game and the fact that players could switch sides to become the antagonist was amply demonstrated by Alvarez.

E3 2016 Teaser

Alvarez was also keen to highlight the strategic nature of the game with the fluid cover system, brawling mechanic that allows players to refuel and reload, as well as the comic book visuals and impressive production values that help convey the games strengths to the attentive audience.

The goal of showing Raiders of the Broken Planet here at GameLab was to show to the industry that we, as an independent developer can have more control of our destiny by embracing the direct relationship with our audience and build something with them, instead of for them” said Alvarez. “The industry is crying out for new IP and more risks to be taken. We’ve heard that cry.” added Cox “Raiders is our attempt to offer something with high production value yet with added special sauce that only an independent studio can bring. We are hoping that with gamers getting involved too, it can only result in something truly memorable

We strongly recommend you sign up for the closed beta program here –

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