KONA Reaches 10,000 Early Access Copies Sold – Watch Early Access Gameplay Trailer

Including all retail activations from their backers on Kickstarter and their website, Kona has reached 10,000 copies sold 5 months after releasing the first playable version of the game.

Alexandre Fiset, CEO of Parabole: “Since we launched our Kickstarter campaign, the development of the game became a community-driven affair, so offering a glimpse of what’s to come on Early Access at a discounted price was just the natural next step for Kona. To be honest, we did not have any expectations in terms of sales figures, but we’re pretty pleased with the results”.

Alex continues: “10,000 copies equals to more than $60K that goes directly in making a better, bigger game, thanks to all of those who backed us”.

The development of Kona started two years ago and is a few months away from official release. It is available at 33% off on Steam, GOG and the Humble Store. “We did not do the Steam Summer Sales because we want to be clear with something: nobody is going to pay less for Kona than our early backers anytime soon”, concludes Alex.

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