Square Enix Chooses Enlighten Tech For Final Fantasy VII Remake and More Upcoming Titles

Following the news last year that the highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake is being developed with Enlighten global illumination, Geomerics, an ARM company, today announced that Square Enix has licensed Enlighten for use across multiple future titles on console platforms.

Real-time global illumination by Enlighten adds unrivalled subtlety and depth to dynamic scenes; texture details are highlighted more effectively and light can graduate smoothly from source to shadow. It provides the option to work in conjunction with physically based rendering, a technique that simulates the real-world properties of materials and light in order to deliver predictable responses across any environment or lighting set up. This feature brings workflow and quality benefits to any project team, no matter if they are targeting photorealism or a more stylized art direction.

Final Fantasy VII Remake – Featuring Enlighten global illumination

There are a number of Square Enix published titles on the horizon and at the moment, with FFVII Remake as the only game with which the Enlightened tech has been officially announced for. We’ll be reaching out to Square Enix to find out whether highly anticipated games like Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Nier: Automata and World of Final Fantasy are titles receiving the Enlightened treatment as well.

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