MilitAnt Receives New Launch Update Across PlayStation and Steam

Xibalba Studios has updated us on the official launch dates for MilitAnt, the upcoming fast twitch side scrolling blastacular action platformer. MilitAnt will be launching July 14 in Europe, with a US launch remaining on July 12th for the PS4 version. The Steam version launches on July 12th worldwide. The PS3 and PS Vita version launches will be announced at a later date and will support Cross-Buy and Cross-Save with PS4.

As the story goes, deep underground, the Ants guard a most precious resource: Crystalite. This rare mineral serves as the chief fuel behind most modern Insect technology, from day-to-day tools to advanced weaponry. Trade among the many kingdoms has brought about long years of peace and prosperity, with the Ants leading the way.

Not everyone has been pleased with this uneven balance of power. In recent times, the more envious factions have been gaining influence. Tensions grow. War seems to loom on the horizon. MilitAnt opens with a sudden invasion. Termites have overrun the Ants’ colony! All seems lost. And yet, one brave Ant warrior rises to the challenge, striking back.

From the familiar depths of the colony’s mines, he must venture into the strange world above. When not soaring through the sky or visiting the Beetles’ mysterious realm, he’s escaping from the jungle or being hunted in a bleak wasteland: each stage of the journey is beautiful yet dangerous, exotic and unique.

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