New Survival Horror ‘Phantaruk’ Announced For PC, Xbox One and PS4 Versions a Possibility

Today we thankfully stumbled across an upcoming FPP survival horror experience titled Phantaruk, which offers a stunning visual and audio experience. The player who is a victim of experiments, lands on board a spaceship vessel named Purity02, which is the cradle of research carried out in this field by H+ Corporation.

The idyll ends when you realize that Purity02 is an almost completely deserted, deadly trap. A mythical beast of the mysterious name Phantaruk roams the ship’s corridor. The player’s only goal is to survive in this immersive environment.

During your travels about the purity02 players will be forced to find and use medical syringes to get rid of the toxins in their body which raise your pulse, if it gets too high, you will die. You will also be on the constant lookout for batteries. Without them your flashlight won’t work.

While discovering the mysterious of the Purity02 by reading notes left behind by the ship crew, players will need to survive this first-person thriller by hiding, crawling through ventilation shaft, peeking around corners to see what, maybe catching a glimpse of what hiding in the shadows.

Phantaruk already offers stunning visuals running on the Unity engine and an impressive soundtrack composed by Draco Nared.

Phantaruk is going to be released on Steam for PC and possibly Mac/Linux in August. Xbox One and PS4 versions are under consideration.

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