DC Universe Online’s Summer of Wonder Opens Episodes To All Players For Wonder Woman’s 75th Anniversary

This week, the Summer of Wonder kicks off, celebrating the 75th anniversary of the iconic character Wonder Woman in DC Universe Online (DCUO). The Summer of Wonder honors decades of characters and community, and a new video released today with commentary from developers and VO actress Susan Eisenberg shines a light on the character’s design and legacy in DCUO.

To commemorate this milestone, Daybreak Games will be implementing Open Episodes in DC Universe Online, which will allow all DCUO players to enjoy the content, regardless of Daybreak Membership or purchase status, starting with Game Update 62 on July 20 until Aug. 21, 2016.

If players own the content, either from a previous purchase or through membership, they will keep the standard loot lockout times. If not, they will still be able to play with everyone else, but with extended loot lockout times. Open Episodes are designed to encourage everyone to play together, to see the whole game, and have fun saving the world. The developers want this summer to be one of the best times for players to advance their characters, get back into the game, or go further than they ever have.

Additionally, all players that log into the game during the Summer of Wonder will be granted a special Wonder Woman 75 in-game emblem for free.

Earlier this month, Daybreak Games announced that after Episode 26 this August, DCUO will transition from its current system of monthly Episode launches to larger, more substantial content releases in an effort to address the community’s desire for more meaningful advances in endgame progression and storytelling.

Episode 27 – Amazon Fury Part III – will be the first new Episode to arrive in this format, maintaining many of the expectations set in prior Episodes, including multiple storylines and Elite versions of content. Game updates will continue to bring new features, as well as seasonal events and survival modes, to the DCUO experience in the interim.

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