DriveClub VR Announced as a Day One PlayStation VR Launch Title

Are you still playing DriveClub? If you are or if its currently collecting dust among your list of PS4 titles, you might be interested to learn that Sony is in fact launching DriveClub VR this October, when PlayStation VR launches on October 13.

Sony has announced that DriveCLub VR will release with new tracks, allowing for a life-like viewing experience from within the vehicles from multiple angles during the game intense driving simulation.

driveclub image #1

Though the initial launch of DriveClub was hammered by day one issues, which we as media almost never forgave, the fan excitement continued to dwindle as the promised PlayStation Plus version arrived two years too late. However, to the games defense DriveClub eventually became a wonderful driving experience bolstering some of the most intense racing to date. Despite the games turn around, the competitive nature of the video game industry waits for no one and Driveclub was no exception.

With most of the DriveClub development team now working hard under the Codemasters umbrella after Evolution Studios was closed down, recent reports press the position that DriveClub VR development has been conducted by members of Evolution Studios. Whether this is true or not is anyone’s guess.

All that really matters is that DriveClub VR is a day one launch PlayStation VR launch title and we can’t wait to play it.

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