Big Bang Racing Breaks New Ground In Mobile Gaming

Despite how wonderful mobile gaming has become, repetition is a growing problem. One can spend hours sifting through the Google Play or iOS app store and have a hard time finding a title that really stands out. There’s just a lot of mimicking going on, which makes it tricky to find the best or most unique titles.

So naturally, when such a title comes along now and then, it’s worth taking a real look at. This is the case with Big Bang Racing, a brand-new mobile game (and the first from Traplight) that has a few unique factors going for it.

For one thing, it has a original (yet customizable) characters. Basically, you control little aliens, and the iOS description page for the game boasts that you can customize them with “the swaggiest hats in the galaxy.” Indeed, one such hat is a fish, another is a Viking helmet, and yet another is a horse head. It’s a playful feature of the game, and one that taps into the growing trend of mobile games introducing, essentially, cartoon characters. From Angry Birds to Crossy Road, we’ve seen very big mobile games find success largely through the cuteness of their little creatures. This isn’t quite at that level, but Big Bang Racing represents another brand new character, and that alone can get some mobile gamers excited.

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Another identifying factor of this new game is that it’s a racing experience that allows you to flip between vehicles. While this has been done on some larger console games, it’s actually pretty rare in mobile or online gaming. The 90-ball bingo options at Gala’s platform are one exception, in that they offer games related to different kinds of racing. “Rush” and “Velocity” are two different bingo rooms that invoke Formula 1 and motorcycle racing, respectively. However, neither is an action-centric racing experience. Aside from these bingo rooms and a few crude online arcades, Big Bang Racing is arguably the most accessible game that allows different styles of racing—namely, dirt bike racing or rumbling along in an off-road car. That’s something that has the potential to attract a lot of gamers who might gloss over a more generic racing title.

While these factors may have made Big Bang Racing popular all on their own, there’s one more aspect to this game that makes it one of the most exciting mobile titles to come along in some time. As noted by Gamasutra’s press release when the game first came out, this is the first mobile title in which every single level is created by the player community. Indeed, even though this game looks on the surface like a simple side-scrolling racing experience, its most interesting feature is the level creator. Through a simple touchscreen editor, any player can create an original level that then gets uploaded for other players to enjoy. This contributes to the highly social nature of this game, and makes it a truly original title in mobile stores.

The coolest thing about the level creator is that it keeps the game fresh. You’ll always find new levels to play (effectively new puzzles to solve), so it won’t get old the way some other games do. But it’s also interesting because it raises the question of whether we’ll ultimately see other titles trying to do the same thing with user-created content.

For now, however, there’s a simpler endorsement to be made: Big Bang Racing is a whole lot of fun.

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