Starboard Games Bringing INT To PC, Mac and Linux

Starboard Games has announced the production of INT, an rogue-like sci-fi RPG in development for PC, Mac and Linux. The team released a trailer today, developed using in-engine footage of the first level of the game.

The player must accomplish quests like a traditional RPG, complete objectives, and meet companions who will aid in your survival.

This trailer represents the team’s commitment to releasing a free, fully playable demo of the game in November of this year. The demo will showcase game assets, the world, environments, and characters that you will journey with during the main quest.

INT has a heavy focus on story, randomized elements, exploration and unique encounters. The story focused on the player’s journey through a war-torn world with fast-paced combat against enemies and bosses.

The team is working towards that November release date, inspired by real-world architecture, research, and the team’s favorite sci-fi adventures. Built with a deep love of indie games, the game will be showcased at Clifton Forge in September, 2016 and Raleigh in February, 2017. A second demo is expected in Q2-Q3 2017 which will be the final demo release and again be free and publically available to the community.

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