Game Insider Magazine: Gears of War 4 Cover Story Issue Now Available

With the exciting release of Gears of War 4 arriving October 11, our latest cover issue of Game Insider features a look into the games new beginnings, which will be handsomely expressed on Xbox One and Windows 10. Our 8-page write up also includes an added single-player gameplay walkthrough featuring Marcus Fenix with son in company taking on some baddies.

Since the release of Resident Evil 7 leaves us waiting until January 2017, we’ve decided to revisit the excitedly creepy new experience from Capcom, among other new games previews which will be arriving this year. One game you may be unfamiliar with, Aragami, the all-new deadly stealth-assassin title has peaked our interest as we preview the game in action. Since we couldn’t get enough of the affordably priced ReCore from Microsoft Studios, we’ve also taken a closer look at what’s in store for Xbox One and Windows 10 users when the launches this Fall.

Other games discussed with video updates in this latest issue are Eagle Flight, ABZU, Dishonored 2, Days Gone, among our interesting reviews and more.

This latest 74-page issues aims to please, offering much more to be read, watched and enjoyed.

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