The Bunker: Live-Action Video Game Experience Launching in September For PS4, Xbox One and PC

Video games go full-live action as Wales Interactive and Splendy Games have announced Bunker, their new live-action experience coming to PS4, Xbox One ad PC inSeptember. The Bunker is a completely live action game, starring Adam Brown (The Hobbit) and Sarah Greene (Penny Dreadful).

As the last remaining survivor in a nuclear bunker, John’s daily routine is the one thing that keeps him sane. But when an alarm goes off, his mind starts to self-destruct. Venture into long forgotten areas, recover repressed childhood memories and unlock the dark secrets of The Bunker. The Bunker is a completely live-action experience, filmed on location in a decommissioned government nuclear bunker with a plot crafted by writers behind The Witcher, SOMA and Broken Sword

Pre-orders for The Bunker are now available for PS4 (pre-orders only available for Sony Europe). The Bunker will be available for £15.99/€19.99 and PlayStation Plus members who pre-order the title now will also receive a 20% discount.

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