Deck13 Attempting To Bring Back True Horror with ‘The Shattering’

The Shattering is about a fragile mind trying to piece itself together after tragic events. The player explores the mind of a man trapped inside his self-created hell. According to Marta Szymanska, founder of SuperSexySoftware, “You have lots of horror games nowadays but they are more about jumpscares and sadly not so much about what actually scares us. We want to change that. Our idea is to confront the player with the hidden fears that lie beneath an idyllic illusion of normalcy, only then one can truly understand the despair of the hero.”

However, it is not all about the mind – the psyche influences the body significantly. The character will show realistic body reactions in moments of stress and fear. In celebration of the games announcement SuperSexySoftware and developer Deck13 Interactive have released five new screenshots showing off the unique style of the game.

The Shattering will be playable as a hands-on demo during this year’s Gamescom.

theshattering imags




screens 7

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