Raiders of the Broken Planet: New Character Teaser Trailer Revealed – To Be Playable During Gamescom 2016

MercurySteam has announced that their asymmetric sci-fi adventure, Raiders of the Broken Planet will be available to play for the first time during Gamescom 2016 at the Microsoft Xbox booth. in celebration of this update, a brand new character trailer reveals some of the games quirky, yet interesting and downright fun rogues and villains that inhabit this outlandish western in space experience.

The trailer is a fun glimpse into the world of Raiders and some of the characters you can play with there.” said Dave Cox, Senior Producer at MercurySteam “Lycus Dion is a cocky hands on type of character who isn’t afraid to get up close and personal but this often land him in trouble. Big guy Konstantin is a burly Russian who is always on hand to save Lycus when he goes too far. Alicia on the other hand is a crazy aussie who ends up saving the both of them and the mysterious antagonist at the end is a just a hint at the key feature the game has to offer in multiplayer mode – 4 vs 1 antagonist

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