Horizon Zero Dawn Running on PS4 Pro in 4k Resolution

Today Sony revealed a blowout of titles running on their new PS4 Pro hardware, boasting gameplay fidelity to 4K resolution. One such game on tap was first party title Horizon Zero Dawn from Guerrilla Games. Before seeing the game in action on the PS4 Pro we have been singing its visuals praise for some time now. However, seeing the game running at 4K resolution is truly impressive. As Sony promoted during their official Meeting, the increased resolution vividly enhances the overall color pallet, making for incredible detailed clarity and draw distances, as we were able to experience it via a 55′ Sony Bravia 4K display.

While some PS4 users may not have access to a 4K display, If you are one of the lucky ones who does, we encourage you to check out the new gameplay reveal of Horizon Zero Dawn below in 4K. It truly looks amazing

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