Tokyo Game Show Reveals A Promising PS4 Exclusive Qtr 1, 2017

With TGS 2016 underway, Sony took to their Japan-based press conference announcing official launch dates for many of their upcoming PlayStation titles. Interestingly, many of the games given release updates fall nicely within quarter three of 2017. This compelling list of new software bodes well for Sony’s PS4 and newly announced PS4 Pro sales momentum after the 2016 holidays.

Hardcore gamers intended on becoming early adopters of the PS4 Pro come November 10 and soon after, will in fact be showered with a robust list of recognizable 4K/HDR ready titles, accompanied by enhanced fidelity. From Battlefield 1, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Dishonored 2, The Last Guardian, as well as many others in the pipeline which have already been released, now upgraded with more eye-candy incentive.

Fast forward to QTR 1, 2017 and the enticement for the PS4 Pro only increases. Between January and February 2017 PlayStation exclusives consist of Dangronpa V3 (Jan), Kingdom Hearts 2.8 (Jan), Yakuza O (Jan 24), NioH (Feb 9), Persona 5 (Feb 14), Nier: Automata (Feb 23), and Horizon: Zero Dawn (Feb 28).  Eight seemingly impressive exclusives in only two months bolds quite well for the PS4’s continued market increase.

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