Dual Universe: New Video Showcasing Voxel Technology

Game developer Novaquark Studio has released a new video which gives a glimpse at the Voxel Technology featured in Dual Universe, a continuous Shingle-Shard sandbox MMORPG for PC’s slated for release in 2018. The three-minute video gives a look at the revolutionary Voxel Technology featured in the pre-alpha version of the game with first-hand commentary from the game’s creator Jean-Christophe Baillie and was released in celebration of the game breaking the halfway mark of its Kickstarter campaign.

Giving an in-depth look at the voxel technology behind Dual Universe, the tech demo video is narrated by the games creative director Jean-Christophe Baillie as he explains how the construction gameplay has been implemented. In the video, viewers are given an inaugural detailed introduction to exactly how one of the key technological breakthrough of Dual Universe will serve as a key building foundation of the game. This behind the scene moment showcases the main three elements of Dual Universe’s Voxel integration which are: the technology that will allow players to sculpt structures of any shape they like, the fact that these structures will be unbounded in size, and that all this will take place within the context of a single-shard MMO, which means that all creations are visible to all other players.

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