Fractured Space Officially Launches Bringing Space MOBA Combat

Developers Edge Case Games have finally launched Fractured Space, their free-to-play PC title. As showcased in today’s Launch Phase 1 trailer, Fractured Space pits two teams of five giant capital ships against each other in matches that highlight teamwork and strategy with MOBA-style lanes and sectors as players work toward the ultimate goal of destroying the enemy’s team base.

New features added at launch include the #1 player-requested feature of AI Captains for solo and co-op play vs. bots, new pre-match drafting options, new ways to play with friends, a new and improved Zarek Paragon ship, a revamped user interface and gameplay enhancements designed to enhance match intensity.

The addition of AI Captains, the top feature requested by the community, allows new players to ease into the game while also providing team practice and solo play options. After the initial tutorial, players can now jump into solo bot games at an easy level to get a feel for match play, progress to co-op team play vs. bots to work on tactics and then proceed to full 5v5 matches with human players. Additionally, AI Captains can temporarily take over for any player who loses connection during a match, keeping play going without interruption.

Launch trailer from Fractured Space on Vimeo.

Beginning today, there are two modes in the game. The main Conquest mode offers varied gameplay possibilities with three lanes, five sectors and an epic endgame scenario to destroy the enemy base. The streamlined Frontline mode, available to players level 8 and higher, has a single lane and a 10-minute limit for capturing the enemy base before the game goes to sudden death overtime. In both modes, a sleek new UI experience delivers players the info they need during matches, and matches in general have been tweaked to accelerate early game progress. New kill screen graphics show players how their ship went down and spectator mode cameras now let streamers present the game in a more cinematic light.

Players can now pair up to join a team together, assemble five friends to go into a match as a united team or even set up a custom match for ten players. The new Zarek Paragon ship joins the fray, giving players more options among the more than 30 “equal but different” ships that range across light, medium and heavy classes with a range of functions. Players can choose from damage-dealing cruisers, long range snipers, helpful support ships or more specialized spaceships that can cloak to ambush, grapple another ship to pull it close or blink to surprise attack and escape. As always, all ships can be purchased with earned credits (they can also be purchased with Platinum premium currency but this is not required) and all ships can be battle tested on the Firing Range before purchase.

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