Oasis Games Celebrates PlayStation VR Launch with Diverse Line Up in October – New Videos Revealed

Oasis Games today announced release dates for its PlayStation VR line up, starting with Ace Banana being confirmed as a day one release on October 13, to coincide with the PlayStation VR launch. Keeping the VR momentum going within the month, will be Pixel Gear on October 20 and Weeping Doll on October 27. Additionally, DYING: Reborn has been confirmed to launch in January 2017 and details on Mixip will be announced at a later date.

As the sole strategic partner of Sony Interactive Entertainment and the first publisher to launch a Chinese-developed game for the PS4 in the West with KOI, Oasis Games has the largest PlayStation VR lineup of any third party publisher and will strategically release five diverse games within the 90-day launch window. Each game delivers a unique and immersive experience, providing PlayStation VR early adopters with a varied lineup.

Check out the game videos below:

Ace Bananas

Dying: Reborn


Pixel Gear

Weeping Doll

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