Darkest Dungeon Developer Teases First Add-on Content ‘Crimson Court’

Hot off the console release of one of the best titles of the year Darkest Dungeon developer Red Hook Studios, are keeping the momentum surging forward with the tease of Crimson Court.  This first add-on is centered around what appears to be revolution era vampires.  The add-on was teased in a blog post on the game’s official website, along with some spectacular new artwork  and a single quote:  “The Blood! I must have the Blood!”

Red Hook stated that there would be a new playable class and that we could expect release early 2017.  Not much else was given, judging from the artwork we can assume that it’s going to concern some sort of vampire type creatures in a revolution era setting.  We really don’t know exactly what new content will be adding other than the new class,  but excitement is definitely at a fever pitch for this release as the game released to glowing reception.

If you haven’t yet began your decent into the Darkest Dungeon, its currently discounted for North American PS Plus members for PS4 and PS Vita.  It’s also available on PC, Mac and Linux via Steam.  For more on Darkest Dungeon check out our full written review.

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