Virtual Reality Now Mainstream With The Launch Of PlayStation VR Across The U.S. And Canada

Sony’s PlayStation VR, the virtual reality accessory for the PS4 has officially launched today, taking video games to the next level of immersion by dropping players directly into the universe. Concurrent with the global launch, PS VR is now available in the United States and Canada at a suggested retail price of $399 and $549 respectively.  PS VR arrives with a lineup of 30 games.  Sony has update us that by the end of the year there will be approximately 50 games available for PS VR.

Based on own extensive hands-on experience with several titles, while the visual gaming representation of PS VR is less dramatic than the likes of Oculus or HTC Vive, taking into consideration the PS VR entry price point and its VR quality, which delivers a sense of presence, where you truly feel as though you are physically inside the virtual world of a game, we are of the opinion that Sony has hit a sure sweet spot. If you have yet to experience VR, PS VR leverages state-of-the-art technologies, such as 360 degree head tracking, wide field of view, high refresh rates, and SIE’s own binaural 3D audio tech, to heighten the emotions gamers experience as they play and make them believe they’ve been transported to another world.

PS VR also integrates a “Social Screen” feature that allows users who are not wearing the VR headset to see on the TV what the PS VR player is seeing in the headset, or to play alongside the VR player in supporting games.  Games such as  The Playroom VR, which will be available as a free download to all PS VR owners, takes advantage of this feature and demonstrate how PS VR can create unique multiplayer experiences when shared with friends and family.

PS VR standout titles include games such as:

EVE: Valkyrie
100ft Robot Golf
Rise of the Tomb Raider: Blood Ties
Job Simulator
Eagle Flight
Here They Lie
PlayStation VR WORLDS
Super Stardust Ultra VR
Until Dawn: Rush of Blood
Rez Infinite
Batman: Arkham VR
RIGS Mechanized Combat League
Hustle King VR

According to Sony, at the moment there are more than 230 developers working on PS VR titles, promising a healthy PS VR portfolio of games, which will continue to expand after launch. PS VR games on our radar and launching very soon we find Resident Evil 7 biohazard, Robinson: The Journey, Star Wars Battlefront, Rogue One: X-wing VR Mission, Star Trek: Bridge Crew and Farpoint.

Virtual Reality is now a real thing in the console market.

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