Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 Now Available Through Xbox 360 Backwards Compatible Games

With todays exciting release of the Mass Effect Andromeda cinematic gameplay trailer, Microsoft has perfectly timed the launch of both Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 onto the Xbox 360 backwards compatible games, now playable on your Xbox One.

Of course, that does mean you actually have to have the Xbox 360 game disc in order to install onto your Xbox One. The cool thing is if you don’t own the discs you will be able through acquire both games from EA Access. A simple download grants you unlimited access to play either game for as long as your EA Access subscription lasts. This means the entire trilogy is available on PC and Xbox One, as part of EA and Origin Access, including all DLC.

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  • Maldy

    Great timing I’ll replay ME 2 before andromeda is released

  • GeekGI

    Though I have contemplated playing 2 and 3 over again, I have played all 3 games more than once, so I am more than ready for ME: Andromeda at this point.

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