Xbox One Outsells The PS4 In The US For 4th Consecutive Month…and Counting

Now for the fourth month in a row Microsoft’s Xbox One has managed to outsell Sony’s PS4 in the US. According to Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg’s latest tweet, the excitement for the Xbox One has seemingly not let up.

Despite the recent release of Sony’s new PlayStation VR peripheral, which to Sony’s credit has been selling like hotcakes, the success of PlayStation VR doesn’t necessarily translate into more PS4’s being sold.

Recently Sony released their PS4 Slim model worldwide, which runs for $299, however the Xbox One S, with its UHD Bluray playback capabilities for 4K movie watching, as well as its ability to render some games with full HDR effects, like Forza Horizon 3 and Gears of War 4, packing a 1TB HDD, all for the same asking price of $299 makes Microsoft’s hardware offer hard to pass on. In comparison, the PS4 Slim is limited, sporting half the HDD space at 500GB, no UHD bluray movie playback and no HDR for gaming.

In addition, the uber popular Gears of War 4, which released in October or the Xbox One and Windows 10 was very well received managing to sell more than 600K copies in its first week of launch.

With today’s launch of the new PlayStation 4 Pro, Sony might be able to regain back some of their US momentum for the month of November when the numbers come in…maybe. Starting at $100 more than the Xbox One S, a 1TB HDD, 4K/HDR gaming, pushing more than enough power for it to be easily touted as currently the most powerful console on the planet, the system has been flying off shelves for launch day. Still, it may be a concern to some that the PS4 Pro does not maintain 4K UHD bluray playback like the Xbox One S, as a 4K device.

At the moment only time will tell whether or not Microsoft could make it ahead of the Sony machine for a fifth consecutive month. In the meantime, despite trailing the Sony PlayStation gravy train worldwide, Microsoft should be excited to be in the driver seat in the US.

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