Titanfall 2: Now Only $30 at Wal-Mart

Alongside the Titanfall 2 Amazon deal, Wal-Mart has now decided to offer up a discounted deal for Respawn’s addictive shooter. If you have been on the fence about picking it up, maybe due to the crowded market of impressive titles pulling at your wallet (EA what were you thinking), Titanfall 2 is now only $30 for PS4 and Xbox One at all US Wal-Mart retailers. No, this is not part of a Black Friday deal, either.

If you re looking to save a few more bucks for the game a Thanksgiving Day/Black Friday sale brings the price down to $27.

You if you want to game for PS4 go here for PlayStation 4, or here for Xbox One.

For more on Titanfall 2 read our full written review.

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  • DannyB

    That’s a great deal. It’s weird to see such a discount shortly after the release

  • GeekGI

    Well, it is actually an unfortunate reality for developer Respawn Entertainment as Titanfall 2 launched 7 days after BF1, on the same day as the Skyrim Remaster and 7 days before COD: Infinite Warfare. This quick price drop is due to the games poor sales, a fact based on EA’s horrible decision to release this amazing shooter in a terrible launch window, almost guaranteeing the games sales to be lackluster. But for the gamer, it’s a smoking hot deal. But poor sales hurts the chances of a Titanfall 3.

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