GIGANTIC Enters Open Beta For Xbox One and Windows 10

Gigantic is now in Open Beta for Xbox One and Window’s 10 in US and Western Europe and features cross-play between platforms. Players looking to unlock more for their Gigantic experience can also purchase the Founder’s Pack ($39.99) to gain access to all 16 current heroes, four upcoming heroes and additional unique rewards.

The Open Beta features a weekly rotation of six heroes from a roster of 16 and three maps: Siren’s Stand, Ghost Reef and Sanctum Falls. Each hero features a unique playstyle that can be further customized through comprehensive skill trees during each match. Teams work together to attack enemies while claiming points on the map to summon powerful Creatures. Players will power up their team’s Guardian by controlling the battlefield and defeating enemies. Victory is awarded to the team who can overpower their opponents’ Guardian.


Throughout Open Beta and long after launch Motiga will be releasing new Heroes, Maps, Guardians and Creatures, keeping the game fresh and ever expanding.

Gigantic will always be free-to-play and its entire roster of heroes and creatures are unlockable through in-game currencies earned by completing matches and fulfilling Fortune Cards. Purchasing the Founder’s Pack is just a quicker way of gaining access to 16 Open Beta heroes (plus four future heroes) ready to battle for supremacy. Also, Founders will receive two limited additional “Imperial” skins and two exclusive Founder’s profile icons.

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