A New Tales of Berseria Trailer Finds Itself Into the Wild

A new TALES OF BERSERIA trailer is now available from BANDAI NAMCO. The new video follows Velvet Crowe, the series’ first solo female protagonist, as she exacts her unforgiving revenge upon the people who have wronged her. TALES OF BERSERIA folds together an emotional story of revenge, masterclass classic gameplay from a veteran Japanese RPG development team, and a beautifully realized world taking full advantage of the current generation of gaming systems.

TALES OF BERSERIA will be available as a PS4 console exclusive on January 24, 2017 and January 26, 2017 on STEAM. A special demo will be available for download on both PS4 and STEAM on January 10, 2017.

PlayStation 4 digital pre-order bonuses:

  • TALES OF BERSERIA theme illustrated by ufotable
  • 15 minute exclusive dramatic chat skit hosted by Bienfu with Velvet and the complete cast discussing a plethora of topics about the TALES OF series
  • Mini music selection from TALES OF BERSERIA

STEAM digital pre-order bonuses:

  • $10.00 loyalty discount for TALES OF BERSERIA if you have purchased TALES OF ZESTIRIA or TALES OF SYMPHONIA through STEAM.

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